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Clarity Financial Group holds an Australian Credit License under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 as issued by ASIC. License number 387423. We are members of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia. Membership Number 4111. We are members of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Membership Number 45422.

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Our complaints contact person for our Internal Dispute Resolution Scheme is Mark Edlund.
Phone: (02) 6209 1990
Fax: (02) 6249 1613
Postal Address: GPO Box 175 Canberra City ACT 2601
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Our deputy complaints contact person is Kristy Edlund
Phone: (02) 6209 1990
Fax: (02) 6249 1613
Postal Address: GPO Box 175 Canberra City ACT 2601
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Australian Finance Group
As Mortgage Brokers we are required to process our loans through an Intermediary Company. We work with Australian Finance Group Pty Ltd as they have the best support in place to maintain our industry training and compliance. AFG provide an electronic platform which allows us to submit your loan application online directly to the lenders. This enables us to cut days off the loan process.

Using Rob was a painless process - he did all the leg work, we just had to sign the documents!
Tracey, November 2017
It was a delight to work with Arman as he was very friendly and accommodating as well as professional. He made the process of putting my mortgage application through very easy.
Arshia, October 2017
Arman walked us through what was a complicated finance arrangement. The outcome was great as was the entire process - easy and trouble free.
Samuel, November 2017
Arman found the best loan for us and made the process of switching lenders quick and hassle-free. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Natasha, October 2017
Shannon is excellent in his profession, he is a great communicator and a good listener. We would be more than happy to recommend Shannon to friends and family.
Gabi, October 2017
Michael has great knowledge of the finance industry and his advice is second to none. He showed me ways to save money on my mortgage by way of refinancing. Thank you Michael!
Ann, October 2017
The service provided by Nitish went above and beyond my expectations. He was patient and kind and has an excellent knowledge of the products on the market and ensures that the clients needs are met to a 'T'.
Kelly, October 2017
I entered the processes as a clueless first time buyer. Shannon worked at my pace to ensure I was confident with what was happening and what to expect next. I could not praise him highly enough.
Amie, October 2017
Nitish guided us through the whole process. It was so comforting to have him help us at each step of the way.
Jennifer, June 2017
I have no hesitation in recommending Rob and Clarity as a mortgage broker with knowledge, understanding and integrity who will work with you to achieve your goals and ambitions.
Mark, October 2017
Nitish was always professional, courteous and understanding of our needs, and his honest, friendly and personable approach was very much appreciated in what was a big life decision for us.
Michael, October 2017
Michael Searle is the best at what he does. His professionalism and knowledge of what he does is shown by how seamless the entire process is from application to settlement.
Paige, November 2017

Even though you’ve been through the process before, the decision to move on and upgrade or downsize your current home can still bring a great deal of stress. We are here to help take some of the burden off your shoulders.

At our meeting with you, we will go through the details of your existing home loan, and will explain the many considerations involved in relocating. We can assist you in answering the most frequently asked question from people in your situation – “What should I do first: sell my current home or buy the new one?” With plenty of experience helping others in your exact situation, we can ensure the process of relocating is trouble free.

Best of all, Clarity Home Loans’ mortgage broking service costs you nothing and is obligation free.

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1. What happens first - selling or buying?

There are important considerations around both options. Selling first may bring pressure to buy a property within a specific time frame and force you into a property that is not 100% ideal for you. Buying first may require a relocation loan and therefore the possibility of having to meet the interest costs associated with two mortgages if the required sale does not go through in the necessary time frame. It is also necessary to consider whether the housing market is currently geared towards buying or selling. As a general rule however, the least stressful option will always be to sell first, and then buy.

2. What is a relocation (bridging) loan?

Previously known as bridging loans, a relocation loan is a short term loan used to finance the purchase of a new property before the sale of a current property goes through, even if the proceeds of this sale are required for the new purchase. Most relocation loans allow 6 months for the sale of the existing property to go through.

In the past, these types of loans had a reputation for being very expensive, however this is no longer necessarily the case and often the interest rate associated with a relocation loan is no higher than that of an average home loan. Your Clarity Mortgage Broker can help you explore whether this option is right for you.

3. What is the process?

When you take out a relocation loan, the lender usually takes over the mortgage on your existing property as well as financing the purchase of the new property. The total amount borrowed is called the Peak Debt. When you sell your first property, the net proceeds of the sale are used to reduce the Peak Debt, and the remaining debt plus any capitalised interest becomes the End Debt. This End Debt is then paid as per a regular mortgage product.

4. How can I work out if it's cheaper to sell my property first and rent, or buy somewhere new first and take out bridging finance?

This decision will be influenced by many factors, such as the rental market and availability at the time of your decision; as well as the balance of your mortgage and the level of interest you are paying compared with the type of property you might be looking to rent and the subsequent rental payments on this.

These are complex calculations, and your experienced Clarity Mortgage Broker will be able to run through the different scenarios available to you and enable you to estimate the costs associated with both options.

5. What are deposit bonds?

A deposit bond allows you to purchase a property using the bond as a substitute for a cash deposit. The bond acts as a guarantee that you will instead pay the full purchase price at settlement. Both short and long term guarantees are offered to suit any settlement terms.

Short term guarantees can be used for settlement periods of up to 6 months, whilst long term bonds can be used where settlement will not occur for between 6 to 48 months.